Monday, July 30, 2012

Brazilian Peel Giveaway

Brazilian Peel, Anti-Aging, Skin Treatment

Hi Sweet Friends,
Here's your chance to have that Red Carpet Ready Skin from Brazilian Peel. This Giveaway begins on 7/30/12 and ends on 8/30/12.

The Sublime Media Connection has been putting Brazilian Peel to the test. You can find several of the reviews here.

Eco Lunch Gear Reusable Snack Wrap

Hello Lovely Friends! This is the Perfect Giveaway for Back to School or for your Packed Lunches at Work. This giveaway begins on 7/30/12 and ends on 8/13/12. Good Luck!

It is time to start thinking about back to school. Eco Lunch Gear makes it possible to send your kids a healthy lunch without creating a lot of trash to be destined for a landfill.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bento Lunch Box Giveaway from Easylunchboxes!

packing school lunches, bento lunch boxes, waste-free

Hello Sweet Friends,
Here's your chance to win a fabulous Bento Lunch Box Set & Lunch Bag from EasyLunchBoxes. This Giveaway ends 8/11/12.

was started by Kelly Lester, a Mother who wanted to provide her children with a healthy school lunch while on a budget. Her own struggles with weight control has inspired her to teach her children healthy eating habits. She is certainly one creative lady who has given lunch boxes of the past a makeover to help make every Mother feel better about what their child eats for lunch.

Konvine Roll Up Shoes Giveaway

Konvine Shoes Giveaway, Rollable Flats, Foldables, Roll-ups

Hello Sweet Friends,
I am so excited to bring you this fabulous giveaway. It will run from 7/28/12 12:01am EST until 8/11/12 11:59pm EST

Friday, July 27, 2012

Senna Prompt Giveaway

Laxative, Fiber, Senna Prompt, Giveaway

Hello Giveaway Fanatics!

This contest is for one bottle of Senna Prompt. It will end 8/10/12.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Win a SodaStream

sodastream giveaway, win carbonator, soda starter kit

Hello Sweet Friends! I am so excited about this giveaway! Here's your chance to win a SodaStream! Good Luck!!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Arctic Zero

healthy ice cream, Arctic Zero, high protein snack

Hello Sweet Friends,
I am thrilled to bring you this giveaway for a sampler pack of Healthy Treats. The contest will end on 8/6/12 11:59PM EST.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Win a Trip to the Bahamas with Shutterfly!

Hello Sweet Friends ~ My Favorite Online Photo Store Shutterfly has an Amazing Contest for you to enter!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Win Rocky Mountain Popcorn!

rocky mountain popcorn, flavored snacks, healthy treats

Hello Giveaway Fans,
Here's your chance to win some fabulous popcorn from Rocky Mountain Popcorn! Good Luck!

Your Child in a Fairy Tale Book

Fairy Tale, Custom Kids Gift, Childrens Personalized Book

Hello Sweet Friends,
This would truly be a beautiful gift for any child. It runs until 7/29 at 11:59PM EST and is open to the US.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Gluten Free Cookies!

Hello Giveaway Fanatics,
One of my favorite foods is Cookies and I'm happy to provide the opportunity for you to win one of my favorite foods :) This will run from 7/13/2012 until 7/27/2012 at 11:59PM. Good Luck :)

Puplight! for Dog Owners

Hello Giveaway Fanatics!
Here's a great giveaway chance for Doggy Owners!

Lots of us have day jobs so we don’t get the chance to take our furry friends to the park. Now with the Pup Light you can take Fido out for a run, even at night!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Memory Foam Slippers by Nature's Sleep

Hi Giveaway Fans,
Who would love to win a pair of Memory Foam Slippers? You have until 7/24/12 at 11:59PM to enter. Good Luck Sweet Friends!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Prevagen for Clearer Thinking

Hello Sweet Friends, This giveaway is open to U.S. Residents and will end 7/25/12 at 11:59PM EST.

prevagen, clearer thinking, memory medicine/

Diamond Candle


Hello Giveaway Fanatics,
Who would like to win one of the sought after Scented Diamond Candles? You even get to pick your scent! I am so excited :)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Giveaway Hop

Hello Giveaway Fanatics! Here's your chance to hop around the blogosphere and enter some other fantastic giveaways. If you enjoy this post, please show some love by leaving us a comment at the bottom of the page and we will continue to bring the best Giveaway Hops your way!

xo - Belinda & Alesea

Welcome to Cruising for Giveaways Hop! This hop is brought to you by Charisma Media!

Cruising for Giveaways

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Snomee Mega Pack

Hi Giveaway Fanatics and Welcome to this Mega Blogger Giveaway Event...

A Warm Welcome To You From the Oscar Nominated Artists for Animation Feature Film The Illusionist
In July 9-15, 2012 Mega Blogger Giveaway Event!

snomee event kickstarter campaign

Lugz Shoes

Hello Giveaway Fanatics, Who loves free shoes? Lugz is offering one lucky reader a pair of shoes! This giveaway is open to the US and it will run from 7/8/2012 12:01AM EST until 7/22/12 11:59PM EST.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Real Kids Shades

Hello Giveaway Fanatics, Here's your chance to win a pair of Real Kids Shades. It runs from 7/7/12 12:01AM EST until 7/21/12 11:59PM EST.

sunglasses, sunblock shades for kids

Easy Lunch Box & Bento Box Set

Hello Giveaway Fanatics, This is a terrific set from Easy Lunch Boxes. It will run from 7/7/12 12:01AM EST until 7/21/12 11:59PM EST and is open to the US.

easy lunch boxes, bento set, school tupperware

TruKid Gift Set (#2)

Hello Sweet Friends, I have a 2nd TruKid Prize Pack. Make sure that you enter both of these for double the chance to win!

childrens bubble bath, kids soap, sunblock

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Nature's Sleep Memory Foam Slippers

Hi Giveaway Fanatics! I love a comfy pair of slippers! Here's your opportunity to win a pair of Nature's Sleep Slippers. It is open to the U.S. and will run from 7/5/2012 12:01AM EST until 7/19/2012 11:59PM EST.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

TruKid Prize Pack

Hi Sweet Friends! I have a great giveaway for those of you with children. It is open to the US and will run from 7/04/2012 12:01am EST til 7/18/2012 11:59pm EST.

childrens bubble bath, kids soap, sunblock

L'uvalla Balancing Cream

Hello Sweet Friends, We all know that every girl needs a great moisturizer and here's your chance to win it. This will run from 7/4/12 12:01AM EST til 7/18/12 11:59PM EST. Best of Luck to you!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

1000 Places To See Before You Die

1000 places to see before you die

Hi Dear Friends, I have a great FLASH giveaway for ends 7/4 11:59PM EST. I'm happy to announce that there will be 3 winners :) Good Luck!

Klear Gear T-Shirt Giveaway!

Welcome Sweet Friends, I have a great giveaway from Klear Gear for those of you who love Geeky Stuff and - or a Great T-Shirt! It is open to the U.S. & runs from 7/3/12 12:01AM EST til 7/17/12 11:59PM EST.

Geek T-Shirt, Geeky Clothing

Monday, July 2, 2012

Cutey Bracelets Giveaway

Hi There Friends! I love pretty jewelry, especially bracelets, and we are bringing you the opportunity to win two!!!

This is open Worldwide and will run from 7/02/2012 12:01AM EST until 7/16/2012 11:59PM EST.

Percent Apparel Giveaway

Welcome Sweet Friends, We have something special for those of you who love or know someone who loves alternative fashion...

percent apparel, skate clothing, skater T-Shirts, alternative fashion

This will run from 7/02/12 12:01aAM EST until 7/16/12 11:59PM EST.