Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cuddle up with Zoobies Blanket Pets

Zoobies Blanket Pets, Kojo the Croc, Pillow Pet

Zoobies offers an entire array of adorable, quality plush animals which double as pillows and include a blanket. They are perfect for children of all ages and have been on the top of my children's wish list for a while. As you can imagine, my son was thrilled when Kojo the Croc arrived at our home. Kojo is a gorgeous bright green color and a terrific size. From his toothy grin to the end of his tail, he covers almost 3 feet in length and is 9" tall. He has a super squishy head which is filled with microbeads.

Zoobies Blanket Pets, Kojo the Croc, Pillow Pet

Kojo is great fun to play with as a stuffed animal. Then once your child has finished playing with him, he can flip Kojo over. Here you will find two hook and loop velcro tabs. These are really simple for a child to unhook.

Zoobies Blanket Pets, Kojo the Croc, Pillow Pet

Once unhooked, Kojo's body flattens out and becomes a large fluffy pillow. He is the perfect partner for lounging around and watching cartoons or to simply rest your head on at night. He is truly a great buddy both at home and on the go.

Zoobies Blanket Pets, Kojo the Croc, Pillow Pet

Kojo comes complete with a matching coral fleece blanket. It is attached by a zipper and stores easily back inside of him when not in use. The blanket is simple to remove and it can be used while it is still zipped to Kojo or you can unzip it and use it separately. Either way you will find this to be one of the softest blankets you have ever touched. We love it's large size which is great for children and even adults.

Our family loves Zoobies and I highly recommend Blanket Pets for your children of all ages. In addition to Blanket Pets, Zoobies also offers their mini baby versions called, "Blankie Babies." They are absolutely adorable and make the perfect baby shower gift. Visit Zoobies to see these and their full line of plush animals including Book Buddies, Duffel Dogs, Storytime Pals, Slumber Pets and more which are certain to put a smile on any child's face.

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